How can SillyPoint help?

1. Self-awareness: SillyPoint helps players reflect on their performance, emotions, and thought processes. This can help them develop a better understanding of themselves and their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Goal setting: Goal setting is in integral part of SillyPoint. Players can set overall goals for the season, goals per game or training session and overall vision. Writing down goals and tracking progress can help players stay focused and motivated. It also allows them to see their progress over time and celebrate their successes.

3. Analysis: SillyPoint helps players analyse their performance and identify areas where they need to improve. It can also help them track patterns and trends over time.

4. Accountability: Writing down commitments and goals can help players hold themselves accountable and stay on track.

5. Mental preparation: SillyPoint helps players mentally prepare for competition and developing a game plan.

  • Journaling

    Journaling is the practice of keeping a diary. ‘Silly Point’ is based on this concept and repurposes it for optimal performance in Cricket.


    Every player who aspires to progress needs to be able to reflect and learn from their own actions. Journaling not only allows the player to reflect and record actions but also encourages the player to write.


    Writing not only provides a medium for refining thoughts but also helps embed them into your subconscious mind.


    SillyPoint has been designed to serve a cricket season. This allows the player to form a journaling routine for the games and practice sessions.

  • Visualising

    Visualising is one of the most powerful ways of making goals a reality. It is scientifically proven that when goals are visualised routinely in vivid detail, vision eventually becomes a reality. Of course,hardwork and sincerity are equired along the way, but visualising the end result becomes the motivation behind the hardwork that is required.

    Virat Kohli before the Aus tour 2014 -

    “I remember about two months before that tour I started building the kind of mindset I wanted to have in Australia: it was all-out aggressive. I knew that I wanted to go out there and take on these bowlers because there is no way if I keep on struggling for runs I would be doing justice to what I wanted to do. Eventually, I had visualised it so positively, so strongly, when I went out there my body just followed what my mind had stored two months back”

    SillyPoint provides a means for players to dream big and record their vision. It also reminds them to visualise goals every time they are set.

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