SillyPoint 2.0

SillyPoint just had a makeover. So what's new?

  • New look

    The new cover design is inspired from the red cricket ball.

  • Opens Flat

    Stitched binding allows journal to open flat.

  • Paper

    Improved paper for a better writing experience.

  • Layout

    Game Plan and Wagon Wheel pages have been moved to the main body.

  • Inspiring stories

    Includes 7 inspiring cricket stories.

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Mind Over Matter: Exploring Cricket's Mental Dimensions

"Silly Point- Cricket Journal Entry Book" ventures into uncharted territory by delving deep into the often-overlooked realm of cricket's mental aspects. In a sport where mental fortitude can often be the difference between success and failure, this publication shines a spotlight on the psychological dimensions that underpin the game.

One of the most compelling aspects of this journal entry book is its exploration of the mindsets and mental strategies employed by players at all levels of the game. From overcoming performance anxiety to maintaining focus under pressure, each section offers invaluable insights into the inner workings of cricketing minds.

The journal entries style is both engaging and informative, making it easy for cricketers to grasp complex concepts without feeling overwhelmed. Whether you're a player looking to sharpen your mental game or a fan seeking a deeper understanding of cricket's psychological dynamics, this journal offers something of value to everyone.

In conclusion, "Silly Point" is a thought-provoking and enlightening read and journal that opens up new avenues of exploration within the world of cricket. By acknowledging and addressing the crucial role of the mind in the sport, it enriches our appreciation of the game and its players. A must-have for anyone interested in unlocking the secrets of cricket's mental game.

Tom Cant (Northern Diamonds Senior Regional Talent Manager)
SillyPoint 2.0 Cricket Journal

This year we have purchased all of the Northern Diamonds Academy & EPP players a journal. Throughout the winter training programme we have mainly used the journals for their game plans / field placings. Ahead of the summer we will be encouraging the girls to use their journals to prepare and set goals / visions for the season. Moving into the summer we will be encouraging the players to use the journals to reflect on individual games and phases of the season. The journals will play a crucial part in the players development alongside their IDP's. The journals have been well received by the girls, the layout is simple to follow and the whole journal is presented excellently. I look forward to seeing the impact the journals have through the 2024 season.

Ellie Threlkeld
Game changer!

As a captain and a professional player, this journal has helped me to train with more purpose and reflect on all areas of my game to help me to improve! Love how it is specific to cricket! Would recommend to any player!

my cricket journal

very quick delivery and great customer service
quick response and very helpful explaining the books and what they are about

My thoughts on the Silly Point journal.

Firstly, I thought the Silly point journal was just a normal diary. But now, with Silly Point’s features like a game plan to set your field before a match, or a wagon wheel to see where you are hitting it the most is very helpful to me because it shows the areas where I have to improve. Also, if a particular field set-up didn’t work that day, I know what to try next time. But, Silly Point also has features like goals that you set before a game and places where you can record your stats for a game, which shows which areas of the game you have done well in and which areas you need practise before the next game. Also, the inspirational stories that are in several parts of the book, said by successful, international cricketers inspires me a lot because for a young generation and an emerging player who cares about his performance a lot, they inspire me to do better and is a great fascinating and additional idea. I have now used 3 of these books in 2 seasons, and I have seen that the book has changed its designs to make it better each time, my performance has improved a lot when I take my book around and write in it throughout the match. As I said, helps me know what I need to focus on. This diary not only has inspired me with its wonderful quotes, but has made parts of my game improve and has strived me to do better in all aspects of the game. Using it was a great experience and has helped me a lot. It hardly takes around 10 mins to fill a page, so it doesn’t get repetitive and time-consuming, and its layout features makes your writing more orderly than a normal notebook. I am now on my fourth book and I use it for everything: trainings, games and competitions, the book has gone all around England with me!